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About Us


Vision Statement

To inspire youth, adults, leaders, and entrepreneurs to live fully! We desire to see people lead through example, by using their own lives as a classroom, to help others. UPGR8 Is a movement, dedicated to providing practical tools, group and individual leadership skills, giving every individual our unwavering support. In doing so, we believe each of us will be empowered to perform at maximum potential in everything that we do. Ultimately, becoming the leaders we all were destined to be.

Mission Statement

To inform, equip, and empower a generation of youth, young adults, entrepreneurs and leaders’ demonstrative leadership and platforms for information sharing. We believe that everyone that will benefit from us will become more equipped with knowledge and inspired to discover their purpose and pursue it relentlessly. To ignite a generation of the “Upgr8” mindsets.


  • Empower
  • Inform
  • inspire
  • Transform
  • Our Brand Ethos

    For all the dream chasers and go getters who know that all they have is today, this moment and Now! They never stop and keep rising mindset that separates the great from the good. Upgr8 is the ever-striving attitude of improvement. The unstoppable pursuit of greatness, the pleasure of the pain and the eventual fulfillment of all things worth chasing. We are Upgr8 and there is no finish line…we keep rising Today, This Moment, Now!.